All industries felt the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic—but among them all, the travel and tourism industry was one of the worst-hit. With new rules and regulations limiting people from utilizing these types of services, many big companies found themselves having to stop operations, with some even having to shut down permanently due to the loss of revenue.

Despite the dire situation, there are still others out there putting plenty of effort into ensuring their company continues to survive. In fact, some of these travel and tourism businesses acted faster than the virus even started to spread—securing their safety and even success despite the odds. Most of these efforts rely on one thing: communication.

Communication is the key to success, especially during trying times such as this. Reaching out to customers and engaging them on an emotional level is what allowed some of these companies to continue growing—and, in some cases, doing better as compared to before the pandemic started.

If you want to achieve success for your travel and touristry firm, here’s how you can capitalize on communication:

1. Utilize novel content

Content has and always will be king. After all, it is what the majority of users are looking for when they head online. Whether it be product reviews or infographics, they’re always looking for something to increase their knowledge in one way or another.

When creating content, you will most likely already have blogs and articles uploaded on your site. However, they alone are not enough. Now, you need to start using novel content! This type of content focuses on engagement, and they come in various forms, such as polls, quizzes, and even limited-time content. These kinds of content attract users to participate—all in the hope of getting something in return.

2. Start voice search optimization

Traditional SEO is still essential, as it is what will help you maintain a high-quality website that will rank high on search engine results pages. However, there is another type of optimization you should start focusing on, and that is voice search optimization.

With technology like Apple’s Siri and products like Amazon’s Alexa, more and more people are using their voices to run searches. In fact, approximately half of all searches today are done through voices! 

If you haven’t started optimizing for voice search, do so right away. This means creating more blogs that sound more like conversations, utilizing long-tail keywords, and using other strategies to make your website voice-search friendly.

3. Focus on solutions, not offerings

There’s nothing wrong with creating content revolving around the products and services you offer. However, if that is all you ever talk about, your customers are going to notice—and not for a good reason, too! What you should be doing is communicating your solutions, not your offerings. In other words, tell how what you offer can make the lives of your customers much simpler. 

In addition, reach out a helping hand to customers who may be struggling with your products and offerings. For instance, if they are struggling to book a place with you or do not know how to cancel, reach out to them and guide them through each step on how they can achieve what they want! When customers see that you are directly communicating with them to help them out, they see you as a business that genuinely cares, causing them to put their loyalty on your brand.


Communication is key to success, and all the tips above help you communicate more effectively with your customers to keep them coming back despite the ongoing pandemic. That being said, always know that these strategies are but mere suggestions. Changes can always be made to adapt to what you need—and it is this ability to adapt to new trends and changes that will allow you to stay on top of your business. 

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