5 Reasons to Conduct Web Maintenance More Often

A digital agency does plenty of work for various companies. While the usual services they offer today are search engine optimization (SEO) and other forms of advertising, they can also conduct web maintenance and website design. A business requires all of these cogs in the machine to be a well-oiled one that works and functions to generate increased returns on investments (ROIs). 

Websites are the backbone of any company, as this is where all the details and product lines are available to view. A website is like an engine, and from time to time, these need servicing to continue running efficiently. As website design continues to evolve with new trends and technologies, web maintenance is becoming more critical to conduct. Here are five reasons why your business should be auditing your domain and performing maintenance procedures:

1. Existence of Hackers

The online world is vast, and it isn’t safe. There are multiple cyber threats out there trying to steal data and mine important information or business secrets. If your website deals with confidential information, you’ll have to let web design companies who conduct work for you know that these need safeguarding. Any penetration to the firewall can damage your company’s reputation, and therefore get you to lose clients and loyal customers. Running a comprehensive audit as often as you can will show weaknesses and loopholes in your website’s inner workings, so don’t skimp out on this.

2. Time and Money Is Put to Waste

It’s important to place security updates and other integrity programs on a business website since it can save you money and time. When a company skips on these and refuses to run periodic web maintenance, damages to site integrity can cause instabilities. Remember that increased changes mean increased expenses, which is an issue for many businesses that initially fail to catch the network’s problems. 

3. Site Integrity Is Damaged

Updating security is an integral part of web maintenance, as it entails the security of your business and the users who chance upon your pages. When errors occur and viruses affect those who deal with your site, this damages your relationship with consumers. Additionally, skipping updates can cause instabilities, which site integrity will suffer as a consequence. 

4. User Experience Suffers

When conducting website design, nothing is worse than having hard-to-navigate pages and poorly optimized ones. Web maintenance is all about creating a better environment for users to access your pages, as poorly-created websites increase bounce rates, damaging SEO scores. People like to see well-designed pages that are intuitive and easy to use, so remember that running web maintenance is more than just security updates. 

5. Loading Speeds Must Be Increased

Each year, the loading times of pages get faster and faster. What used to take decades on dial-up and older forms of internet connectivity is now hyper-fast thanks to fibre optic cables. When people are spoiled because of quick internet speeds and fast loading times, pages that load slowly will make them leave, which equates to higher bounce rates. You’ll want updates to boost loading speeds and pages’ usability to give users what they want quicker. 


Web maintenance continues to be a vital aspect of a working website. Running a site is never fire-and-forget, as you need to do plenty of work to ensure it runs each time smoothly. By investing money into getting help from web design companies, you’ll have an excellent website in no time. 

Clearfix is a web design company in Ontario that offers various web maintenance and development services. Don’t allow your company to be damaged by poorly designed web pages and start creating a dominant image in the scene today. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you and your website grow. 

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