Acquiring a new customer is a considerable investment that brands pay for in time, content production, and capital. This is why it’s crucial to ensure that your marketing channels aren’t going to waste once you divert online viewers to your landing pages.

Unfortunately, there are cases when consumers don’t always commit to a purchase. This leads to an increase in abandonment rates and puts a dent in your sales figures. Thankfully, you can incorporate marketing strategies and site optimization to lessen your losses from shop cart abandonment.

How to prevent the risk of shop cart abandonment

Instances of cart abandonment can cause serious concerns for eCommerce businesses and digital-based stores. It can be a symptom of an unoptimized sales funnel or inconveniences during the buying process. Since consumers have a whole world of options with their service providers, they’re less reluctant to leave your site mid-way without completing a transaction. By setting up re-engagement strategies, you can maintain your customer’s attention and ensure that their buyer’s journey is complete from start to finish.

In this article, we’ll share three re-engagement strategies to reduce your business’s cart abandonment rates.

1. Promote your loyalty programs

An effective method of maintaining a dedicated customer base is by integrating a loyalty program. It’s a way for brands to develop a deeper relationship with their customers. A loyalty program can include points, upgrades, cash backs, and even discount coupons. These should all be translatable to convince a customer to be a recurring user of your services. 

By rewarding your customers when they complete a transaction, you can give them enough incentive to return to your service. You can also empower them to accomplish steps to expand your marketing channels, like sharing posts or sending referral codes that extend your brand’s reach!

2. Add a live chat plugin

It’s common for confused consumers to have trouble navigating through your UI, especially if it’s their first time. Although they won’t admit it, one of the reasons they opt-out of your site is by getting lost along the way. If you have a live chat tool to guide your visitors, it’ll be easier to lead them to the next step of their transaction. Your on-call customer helpdesk can answer questions about payment procedures or interfaces on desktop or mobile devices.

3. Send drip emails for abandoned shopping carts

Abandonment rates aren’t always due to a conscious decision. In fact, it’s more common for buying customers to forget about completing their transaction due to other reasons. Accidentally closing a tab, internet connection, and other factors still contribute to your cart abandonment rates. Thankfully, you don’t have to lose your customer completely due to these errors.

Drip campaigns allow you to use pre-made messages to an abandoned cart user. By identifying what items they left behind, you can get them up to speed in your sales funnel from where they left off. If you have an automated drip campaign, you can time your messages to send after a while to catch your potential buyer in a different mood or mindset.


Instead of looking at cart abandonment rates as negative data, try looking at it from another perspective. On solid figures alone, it means that your marketing strategies are working because they’re driving online respondents to your site. However, the tricky part now comes with maintaining their attention and guiding them through your sales funnel. Since your marketing efforts are paying off, you can focus on optimizing your buying process to increase your customer conversions.

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